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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the heart + soul of who I am! This website has been made, deleted, remade, and reinvented almost as much as I have reinvented myself (which is daily). My hopes of becoming a photographer have never changed, but at times I just wasn’t sure if I was good enough to pursue it. To be honest, I often thought about not having a website at all and even quitting photography. But then I thought about why I love doing all of this in the first place.

I love telling stories. Ever since I was little I have loved reading and telling stories. My first notebook was one I made out of a Frosted Flakes cereal box. I still have that notebook, and often pull it out to look (and laugh) at where I started. Still imagery and written word continue to be my preferred choice for storytelling, and I want to spend the rest of my life telling the stories of people from all around our planet.

My favorite part about capturing stories are the little moments that always light up the eyes of each storyteller I’m with. Whether that moment be something small and seemingly insignificant to most, or if it’s a big earth-shattering epiphany, as soon as I see a spark ignited in their eyes I know I’m about to be taken through a whirlwind of emotion and experience and come out the other side with a full heart and more knowledge about this world than I started with. Being a photojournalist allows me to combine both my passions of photography + writing; I get to have the best of both worlds!

I grew up in Omaha, NE. Having moved around a lot within Omaha (13 times), I never had a physical building to call home. Growing up I felt like I had nothing to call home. It took running away to Africa to realize that home doesn’t have to be any physical location, it can just be a feeling. I came back and was finally able to say, “I am home.”

Currently, I live in Phoenix, AZ and I am loving it! It’s hot, but there’s no humidity so you can still breath. The health-conscious city has me rethinking my current lifestyle, and I am slowly starting my transition into vegetarianism! (If anyone has tips/tricks please let me know!) I enjoy a nice run a couple days a week, even though I live against a mountain range I am still in awe of it every time I step out the front door (must be the midwest in me who’s used to farm fields.) I am falling in love with our planet, her people, and myself, and I am so excited to share this journey with you!