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Today marks 2 months of living in Phoenix, and I have [NOT] loved every minute of it! I’ve decided to write a [hopefully] short blog post about my time, my loves, and my lessons learned from these past 2 months in this hot + beautiful city.

>> I am ordinary! Being in a big city means that I look like so many other people here! This actually makes me happy, because I’m able to walk down the street or in a store and not get stared at for my tattoos or my piercings or my sexuality (surprise! I’m bi), which are not that dramatic!

>> Working a full time and part-time job takes a whole other level of organization. Work doesn’t stop when I clock out. If I want new friends, I need to make the effort to go out and make them. This can be difficult for my e x t r e m e l y introverted soul, but so far it has been worth it!

>> Fear is useless. That is not motivational. It is a fact.

>> Work CAN be a family! I have been so lucky to find employment at 32 Shea that has given me a wonderful atmosphere to learn how to be a barista, as well as a great place to become part of a loving group of people.

>> Stick to your principles! As a creator, I have a principle that I create content out of a relationship with my subject. Looking for employment, I had the chance, and many great excuses, to compromise that principle. I did not, and I have grown as a creator because of it as well as finding 2 JOBS that I love!


>> No one likes a drunk who can’t take care of themselves. (Okay, so I learned this one while still in Omaha, but I think about it every time I go out here)

>> There are ways to do something new every day. You just have to go out and find them.

>> Make time to exercise! I sometimes forget, or get too busy, but I always feel better and get more accomplished after a nice run with some good music.

>> Do what sets your soul on fire! Even if it’s watching a tv show you’ve seen a thousand times.

>> REST! Working a daytime and overnight job, when I don’t rest, I end up sleeping 10 hours on my day off and getting n o t h i n g else accomplished. Just rest. The world [WILL] continue to spin.

>> LEARN YOUR BOUNDARIES! For those who’ve known me long, I don’t even know what boundaries are. I could honestly do an entire post about this topic alone, but I’ll save that for another time. For right now, I’m reading a book all about boundaries and what God has to say about them, and it is fantastic! I’m learning that it is OKAY + NECESSARY to have good healthy boundaries. And I’m learning/witnessing that it’s helping me to achieve so much more.

>> No one cares if you’re perfect. People care that you show up, try your best, and keep going.

>> I am extraordinary. Moving to a new city has shown me sides of myself I never knew I had. It’s shown me that I have accomplished so much in my life. It’s shown me passions I didn’t know I had, as well as reminded me of passions I have forgotten I had.

Cheers to another 2 months Phoenix, stay good to me.

2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned in Phoenix, AZ

  1. Great thoughts, it’s awesome to see you evaluate and document your experiences. Too many people only experience and do not process it far enough to identify what they have learned. Keep creating, loving and setting your heart on fire.

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve learned so much from taking a step back either during or after my travels to evaluate everything I went through in a certain period, it helps prepare me for whatever could come next, and it makes each experience that much better. Thank you for the encouragement!

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